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Song of the Day: ‘On Jesus Program’, Mark Lanegan

Mark Lanegan is able to translate in his rendition of this wistfully beautiful and hypnotic song all the melancholy and displaced hope the original tune evokes. It’s never an easy task to tackle with the classics, but this is indeed a great remake of a haunting gospel ballad .

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Song of the Day: ‘Heard Somebody Say’, Devendra Banhart


Beatlesque, pensive and impressively beautiful. Heck, who could imagine that such a hippie-inspired tune could be this good?

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Song of the Day: ‘Inside Out’, The Mighty Lemon Drops

One step forward, two steps back, and you’re gone…

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Song of the Day: ‘I Can’t Seem To Make You Mine’, The Seeds

Forerunners of trashy pop as well as the punk movement, Sky Saxon and The Seeds epitomized the garage rock ethos: biting and simple riffs, unpretentious lyrics and lots and lots of energy. If you’re looking for good, untainted yet not dim-witted music, they won’t fail you.

God is in the house - Pop Music Heroes: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Hear This!⇔ Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, “As I Sat Sadly By Her Side

I knew Nick Cave was a music genius on the first time I heard his band many moons ago; I was so struck by the juxtaposition of beauty and darkness in his songs and the poignancy of his lyrics. To me, he masters the most difficult job of transposing the crucial elements inherent in traditional poetry fittingly fusing it with a post-modern pop aestheticism. I could choose a number of songs to exemplify his talent, but I am convinced that “As I Sat Sadly By Her Side” is the perfect case in point for my argument.

Song of the Day: ‘Bring Me Coffe Of Tea’, Can


How CAN this be totally ignored by most people is simply beyond me!

Song of the Day: ‘What’s In It For?’, Avi Buffalo

New band Avi Buffalo really have a winner with their single “What’s in It For?”. I first heard the group while attending the South Street Seaport Festival back in 2010 and I immediately took a liking to this tune. I found the melody to be surprisingly soothing, delightful and captivating. This is their best single to date, hands down.

Song of the Day: ‘To Bring You My Love’, PJ Harvey

Utter beauty hurts. It hurts even more when it comes from unexpected places. This is always the case with PJ Harvey and her work. It fluctuates and grabs you by the neck and it won’t let go for anything in the world. Such music is similar in many ways to the art of incantation: to escape its power is one of the hardest task on earth by all means.

Song of the Day: ‘Pets’, Porno For Pyros

How more direct and precise can one be at exposing such truths via an entertainment medium and still make it enjoyable in an artistic sense? It’s talent to write a song like “Pets” that separate the men from the boys.

"Children are innocent

Teenagers fucked up in the head

Adults are even more fucked up

And elderlies are like children”

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SONG OF THE DAY: ‘I’m Gone’, The Bat Caves

Vaselines? Pavement? C86? Not quite. But still good.

I’ve been listening to a handful of demos and singles by this new band from Seattle (oh no, not that city again) called The Bat Caves. And like I mentioned in the beginning, their sound isn’t too shabby.

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