Song of the Day: ‘Bring Me Coffe Of Tea’, Can


How CAN this be totally ignored by most people is simply beyond me!

Nothing New Under the Sun: The Art of Rip-Off


"Art is either plagiarism or revolution." Paul Gauguin

I toil with the subject of inspiration and plagiarism day in and day out. It’s too hard not to cross the thin line between “borrowing” or “stealing” an idea when composing an artistic piece. In fact, me and many other artists have walked this crossroad many a times. 

With that in mind, I’ve decided to post a list of songs that “borrow” from other sources for your listening pleasure.

Now remember this kids: A real genius steals blind!

1. I’m So Green by Can (INSPIRATION) 

2. Fools Gold by The Stone Roses (BORROWER)

3. Metal Guru" by T-Rex (INSPIRATION)

4. Panic by The Smiths (BORROWER)

5. Run Run Run by The Velvet Underground (INSPIRATION)

6. Probation Blues by The Strange Boys (BORROWER)

7. War Or Hands Of Time by The Masters Apprentices (INSPIRATION)

8. Last Post on the Bugle by The Libertines (BORROWER)

9. Hitch Hike  by Marvin Gaye (INSPIRATION)

10. There She Goes Againby The Velvet Underground (BORROWER)

11. Hot, I Need To Be Loved Loved Loved‬ by James Brown (INSPIRATION)

12. Fame by David Bowie (BORROWER)

13. Three Girl Rhumba by Wire (INSPIRATION)

14. Connection by Elastica (BORROWER)

15. Glory by Television (INSPIRATION)

16. Disturbance At The Heron House by R.E.M. (BORROWER)

(Source: whywrite)

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